Ch 6: Living in NYC

Chapter 6 – Attend free events

Looking for free events is the name of the game. What is even better is when you are not bound to a schedule and you end up stumbling across a free event to enjoy. One fine Saturday, Marlyse and I decided to take a stroll through Central Park. We were anticipating on just walking but once we emerged from the subway station, Humana was waiting for us to come see what they were doing. “We are offering free bike rides for two hours. We are promoting healthy living.” Umm, heck yes I will take a free bicycle ride through Central Park!

Not absolutely dressed and ready for a bike ride, Marlyse and I head off while she adorns a purple down jacket just purchased on the side of the street and also wearing a pair of shorts to match. Somehow, she manages to stuff this jacket in the bike’s fanny pack attached to the handlebars so she can enjoy the cool breeze we get from this excellent Central Park tour.

While riding, we pass the Avett Brothers playing on a stage in the center of Central Park, kids run up to pop gigantic soap bubbles that a street performer was creating, inline skaters perform well-balanced maneuvers through cones and to top we see an old man wearing something similar to what Richard Simmons would be able to pull off. I was not able to get a clear photo of this to prove it.

After two hours of free bike riding, we meet up with a co-worker of Marlyse’s at a ping pong social club. Her friend’s boyfriend had a Groupon to try this place out. We go down into the basement of a building to find a plethora of ping pong tables and a sea of ping pong balls on the ground. I expected to see nothing but professionals training for the Olympics but it was not even close. Everyone there was at beginner status. After learning paddle control an hour later, we begin to keep score and then go into competition mode. Who knew you could break a sweat volleying ultra-light ping pong balls! We ended up only paying for the food and not absorbing a twenty dollar table fee.

Frequently, Marlyse and I check the local papers to see what is going on. Generally, you could attend something for free every day of the week. It just depends if it fits into your schedule or if it is even close to your vicinity. Things are seasonal too. If you hear that something is free, do not anticipate of participating next week. Just make room in your schedule and do it. Free kayaking where all you have to do is sign a waiver and take out a kayak. This event is a 30 minute bike ride from our apartment but did not do it before it got too chilly.

Photo from Harlem Bespoke

As I type, I am doing laundry in the new LG laundry lounge. They have free wi-fi and drying is free. You just have to purchase washing and there is no additional cost to you. Everything is nice, neat, clean and white unlike all of the other laundry places around. It has seats to sit down on. That is unheard of! Room to sit? Naaahhh. Well, I have to fold my laundry so I will blog with you all later!