Ch 9: Living in NYC

Fall/Winter. I have heard that this season has not acted like a typical fall season. I would not know as this is my first fall/winter in New York City and I am used to odd weather during December. One day I was jogging with the dogs in the morning when I walked up to another dog owner. We chatted about canine gabber and then she asked, “What season are you dressed for?” I was wearing a workout tank top and shorts because it was nearly 65 degrees while she was wearing a full coat, gloves and pants. “I guess I am used to Florida where you cannot dress for a season, but you dress for the weather that day.”

I missed the first snow of the season because I was in Tampa during Halloween. This early snow made the fall colors in the trees only last for a short amount of time. The second snow in early January lasted 2 days that dropped about six inches of light and fluffy snow between Friday and Saturday. The local park had every kid sliding down the hill with whatever they could find. Some kids had sleds newly purchased with the stickers still on it and some kids used a piece of wooden side paneling to enjoy the first real snow. As much as I wanted to pull out my Christmas gift of a snow skateboard, there were so many kids on the hill that someone most likely would have gotten run over!

I waited until Sunday when Marlyse and I went to the hill with our dogs. I had them dragging me around like snow sled dogs! We spent a good hour on the hill and that has been the only snow this season. I heard that 2010-2011 brought 57″ of snow compared to 7″ during 2011-2012. I better go snowboarding on a mountain with fake snow if I want to get it in this year!

It is now March and I am already thinking I missed a real winter in NYC this year.