Haiti – The Wedding

At a loss for words, I hand him an acoustic guitar. I had just learned his name was Jeff but I knew I was supposed to give him this guitar. The look of disbelief on his smiling face tells me no one has ever given him something like this before. Jeff is in his early 20’s and was raised in a Haitian orphanage called Love a Child. About a month earlier, I felt I was supposed to bring a guitar with me but I didn’t have an extra one. A simple post on Facebook resulted with a guitar I could leave in Haiti. We hosted church services nearly every night while we were in Fond Parisien so having a musical instrument was unknowingly necessary.

Our team finished up 3 houses by painting inside and out, spreading gravel around the houses and then moving furniture into the houses. The same day we finished the houses was when I gave Jeff the guitar but it was the next morning we found out one of the families we would hand keys to a brand new home was his mom, brothers and sisters.

This is only one of ten stories I have from Haiti. I captured around 25 hours of video footage with a certain focus in mind.


Simply put, the union between Christ and the people of Haiti. So often I see stories of how the 2010 earthquake devastated the 3rd world country crumbling it to a worse condition than it was previous to the natural disaster. But the fact is that love, community and a desire to see change exists in Haiti. I saw it with my own eyes and through my camera lens.

My video updates will be migrated to BRUSH.NYC where I feel I will be composing more than just videos about Haiti, but I’ll be displaying a different mindset about how we can work together to bring about change.