The fight for water in Zambia

I stepped into the kitchen in a Zambian village. This kitchen is outside with a variety of tables, buckets and stools. A woman is plucking feathers from one of the chickens we just saw running around the compound. On the ground is a stainless steel bowl beneath the chicken catching feathers and blood. Ducklings stumble into this bowl to lap up …

Laid Off in New York City

So you’ve been laid off from your job. What’s the next step? I went from working at the same company for 11 years to nearly walking into a position at a start-up, so job hunting was never anything I had experienced before. Until the start-up ran out of money. I was blind-sided by it and had no clue what to …

Ch 12: Shipping Items – 2016 Online Selling Guide


In previous chapters, we’ve unveiled how to prepare an item to be shipped so you charge the correct amount, described best practices when listing to eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and Etsy, but now that you have sold items it’s time to box them up and ship them out. Determining Your Carrier In NYC, generally the post office workers don’t accept packages …


Ch 11: Listing on Etsy – 2016 Online Selling Guide

Listing on Etsy

This is my favorite marketplace to list on. Mostly because I begin coming up with new things I can create and potentially sell. Right now, I’m coming up with a new concept of dog jackets for my boxer mastiff and lab spaniel. I’ve looked on every marketplace for something that is comparable but I can’t find anything. But instead of just making …


Ch 10: Listing on Amazon – 2016 Online Selling Guide

2016 Online Selling Guide - Amazon

Buyers are now spending more time shopping from a device than within physical stores. I want to demystify listing on Amazon so you can expand sales to the eCommerce marketplace giant. I covered some quick details about setting up your account in Ch 8: Listing on eBay that I’ll mention here because you can use the same specifics: Create an email …


Ch 9: Listing on Craigslist – 2016 Online Selling Guide

2016 Online Selling Guide - Craigslist

Listing on peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle or eBay Classifieds are quite a bit different than listing on eCommerce marketplaces. On classified sites, there are no online payments, no guaranteed buyers, you talk over the phone and you meet the buyer in person. Compared to eBay or Amazon, you get to hear and see the customer rather than just converse through typed words …


Ch 8: Listing on eBay – 2016 Online Selling Guide

2016 Online Selling Guide - eBay

There’s no better time than 2016 to start listing on eBay. Until February 29th, eBay is running a promotion to waive all fees when selling your first item. In previous posts, I have covered the fundamentals of selling online and now we’re going to focus specifically on listing on eBay. For those that are brand new to eBay, I’ll cover quick …


Ch 7: Photographing Items – 2016 Online Selling Guide

2016 Online Selling Guide - Photography

Great photos can sell items while a description backs up what the buyer is looking at and looking for. Newer smartphones have good enough cameras for taking photos if you’re only selling a few items per week. But if you’re selling at least 20 items per week, you might want to invest in a camera that can take macro photos …


Ch 6: Pricing Items – 2016 Online Selling Guide

2016 Online Selling Guide - Pricing

Ch 6: Pricing Items Without first looking at the going price of items on each marketplace, you may seldom sell your inventory. While working at the eBay drop-off store, I heard people say, “I’ll take $20 off of the retail price I paid.” Or even better was when someone would think just because it’s old it’s worth more than gold. …