eBay Auction: Eiffel Tower Staircase

It’s not everyday I find an item on eBay worth blogging about. Up for auction is the largest section of the staircase from the Eiffel Tower. Extremely rare, this 22.5 foot tall section of the winding iron staircase—33 steps total with an estimated weight of 3,500 pounds—is the last known available piece of the original 24 sections of the staircase …


Taking my dogs out for a skate

I took some video with my action cam of my pups running while I’m skating behind them. My wife, Marlyse took the video of us moving on by. They weren’t running that fast today!

Gotta take a breather sometime!

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to stop and smell the roses. It’s hard for me to stop…period. There are so many things to do and they won’t get done with me plopped down on the couch watching tv! I don’t have cable, nor do I want it. I would never use it. I have high-speed internet because …